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For the 100+ years of the George Donnelly Sunset League, we have been intertwined with the United States Military. From those building the torpedo's that were used in wartime, to those serving on the front lines and protecting our coast to those manning the tenders and destroyers in the open ocean.  Below are members of the GDSL that served in the military as we honor them for their services.

  • William H Warren: Captain of the 3rd Connecticut Infantry.  Spanish-American War.

  • Robert Johnston: Staff Sergeant 207th AAF. World War II

  • William T. Bull: WW I

  • Dr Peter Integlia: Yeoman. WW I

  • Joe Johann: US Navy. WW II

  • Duke Abbruzzi: Sergeant US Army. WW II

  • Ed White: US Army. WW I

  • Garland Templeton: 

  • Sam Nahem: US Army

  • Curtiss James: US Army. WW II

  • Ralph Gizzi: US Army. Vietnam

  • John Caswell: US Army. WW II

  • Paul Gaines: 2nd Armored division US Army

  • William Heffernan: US Army WW II

  • Al Alvarez: US Army. Vietnam


  • Lou Alberigo: US Army. KIA D-Day

  • Caldwell Whipple: US Navy. WW I

  • Dalton Spingler: US Navy. WW I

  • Robert Reimer: US Navy. WW II

  • Paul Lutz: US Army. Korea

  • Gardner Seveney: US Army. Korea

  • Bernard Kane: US Navy. WW II

  • John F. Martin: US army/Air Force: WW II

  • oSCAR bAKER: us nAVY. ww ii​​​​​​

    • Purple Heart​

  • Warren Karoli: US Navy, WW II

  • Joe Hattub: US Army, ww ii

  • Stan Dzialo, US Army

And many others as I am sure we missed.

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Paul Gaines.jpeg

Military teams

  • 10th Coast Artillery

  • Anti-Aircraft

  • Cruiser-Destroyer

  • Com Deslant

  • Davisville

  • DesLant

  • Destroyer Force

  • Fort Adams

  • John Davis Navy Club

  • Marines

  • Naval Base

  • Naval Hospital

  • Naval Station Newport

  • Naval Training Station

  • Navy Braves

  • Qounset

  • Section Base

  • Torpedo Station

  • Torpedo-Hospital

  • USS Arcadia

  • USS Bailey

  • USS Cascade

  • USS Constellation

  • USS Dionysus

  • USS Dobbin

  • USS Markab

  • USS Puget Sound

  • USS Rappahonock

  • USS Vestal

  • USS Vulcan

  • USS Whitney

  • USS Yellowstone

  • USS Yosemite

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