• Founded: August 4th, 1919 (102 years ago)

  • Number of Teams: 6

  • Commissioner: Chris LaRose

  • Alumni Coordinator: Dom Coro

  • Headquarters: Cardines Field; Newport, RI



Cardines field, Newport, RI


Sprague Park, Narragansett, RI

GDSL History

It was August 4, 1919 two teams, the Tigers and Orioles met on the Basin lot in a twilight game.  It was a typical sandlot contest. Few players were uniformed. The fans present stood for there were no seats.

So a new league, designed to provide working men to play ball, was rather timorously launched.

Little did the group of pioneers which organized the circuit dream that it creation would grow in popularity and power through the years and parade into its 10th decade on a firm structure.