• Screening:

    • ALL Players, Managers, Game Officials, will complete a Screening Form before entering the field. Questions will include a Health Screening for Symptoms, Contacts and Out of State Travel that may apply.

    • Players will also be subject to a temperature check prior to entering Cardines. If a player has a temperature of 100.3 or higher he will be sent home.

  • Healthy Practices:

    • No Handshakes/Personal Contact Celebration; High Fives, Fist Bumps or Hugs.

    • No Team Beverage Coolers

    • Individual Player Beverages Only (No Sharing)

    • PPE in the form of Gloves will be available for cleaning of dugouts after each contest.

    • No sharing of batting helmets, each player will provide his own.

    • Each player will provide his own Catcher’s Equipment

    • Sanitizing Wipes will be available to wipe off bats after each use.

    • No Spitting, Sunflower Seeds or Gum

    • Hand Sanitizer will be available in each team dugout, players will be encouraged to clean their hands throughout the game

  • Social Distancing:

    • All players will sit no closer than 6 feet apart

    • Fans will sit no closer than 6 feet apart

  • All players will be required to sign and submit a waiver.

Field regulations

  • Dugouts​​​

    • Dugouts will not be used. Home team will use the bleachers on the first base side. Visitors will use the third base bleachers. Only people that will be allowed to use the dugouts​ are the batter in the hole, on deck batter and manager. 

    • Sprague will use the bleachers on the left side of the first base dugout and the bleachers to the right of the third base bleachers.

    • North Providence the away team will use the out of area on the right field line. The home team will use the bleachers on the third base side.

  • Fans

    • Cardines will not allow fans. That will be discussed as the season goes along.​

    • Sprague fans will be allowed

    • North Providence fans will be allowed.

covid 19 waiver

Screening form